Ardkeen Hire Ltd, Waterford.  All your hire needs in one placeHire, Sell & Repair of Lawnmowers, Sunbeds, Tool Hire, Chainsaws, Gardening & Construction Equipment
Husqvarna Ride-on Lawnmover / Lawn tractor -  quality lawn equipment from Ardkeen Hire Ltd, Waterford.  Lawnmowers that gets the job done right

Ardkeen Hire Ltd, Waterford Tel: 051 879006

We hire, sell and repair -
Lawnmowers, Tool Hire, Gardening Equipment, Chainsaws & Construction Equipment

All your hire needs in one place.

Welcome to Ardkeen Hire Ltd - Husqvarna Agents for Waterford

The Ardkeen Hire Service is the easiest way to get all the essential tools and equipment you need. We have been hiring, selling and repairing for 21 years.

Safety First

At Ardkeen our main and first priority is always the safety of our customers and our staff. This is why we make safety a part of everyday working practice.

Our extensive range of tools includes cement mixers to cleaning equipment and construction equipment to power tools. We hire, sell and repair.

Contact us at Ardkeen Hire Limited with your requirements.
Ardkeen Hire - For all your hire needs in one place with competitive prices!

Husqvarna self-propelled Lawnmower from Ardkeen Hire Ltd.  Dependable, easy-to-start walk-behind mower that is simple to use & cut your grass perfectly every time
Husqvarna chainsaw.  Available from Ardkeen Hire Ltd, Waterford, Ireland.
The perfect compressor. Available from Ardkeen Hire Ltd, Waterford.  For all your hire needs in one place.

Hiring, Selling and Repairing lawnmowers, tool hire, gardening equipment, chainsaws & construction equipment throughout South East Ireland - Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford, and Wicklow.

Ardkeen Hire Ltd., Park Road, Co. Waterford, Ireland.
Tel: 051 879006
Fax: 051 850244